A diverse range of wildlife has been recorded on the nature reserve;
  • 157 bird species (including a wide range of scarce breeding and wintering species);
  • 24 mammal species (including otter, water vole and harvest mouse);
  • 3 reptile species (grass snake, common lizard and slow worm);
  • 4 amphibian species (including one of the largest populations of great crested newts in the UK);
  • 19 dragonfly species (including scarce chaser and variable damselfly);
  • 26 butterfly species (including wall brown, brown argus and green hairstreak);
  • 252 moth species (including goat moth and a range of hawkmoth species);
  • 2,000 + other invertebrate species (including Chrysomela saliceti – a beetle new to Britain);
  • 263 plant species (including 10 species of stonewort for which the site is nationally important);

In addition, the reserve also supports a number of unusual plant communities (including salt marsh and Breckland type heath) plus county important plant populations.

For further images and the latest news about the wildlife seen on the reserve please visit our Latest News page, which features regular blog posts and updates.  You can also use the search bar (at the right hand side of the top navigation bar) to search for more information and photos of a particular reserve species you are interested in.


The diversity of the site’s wildlife has resulted in 5 national awards to date;

  • BTO Conservation Award 2008 and 2010;
  • UEPG Sustainable Development Award 2013 (International);
  • MPA/NE Biodiversity awards runners up 2011;