We are so fortunate that Kings Dyke Nature Reserve boasts a community of knowledge and vision within our membership base.

A wealth of fauna expertise, amazing photography and nature inspired creativity.

Warden/member Terry McKenna, recently shared his ‘quiet moments in the hide’ inspired poetry, on the KDNR Facebook page.

Here is Terry’s poem, for all to enjoy!

Sometimes, during quiet moments in the hide, the muse finds me…
A breath of warm summer breeze, sweet with the taste of meadow flowers,
A sound track of bird song, not heard through winter’s long dull hours.
A glint of gossamer wings marking the presence of a nosey dragonfly.
A flash of blue and orange and a hint of cyan as a kingfisher darts by.
A vision of dancing, flittering butterflies, none patterned the same,
A tumble of red fox cubs, perfecting their flourishing hunting game.
Blue skies, candyfloss clouds, wonderful sunsets and magic in the air;
Glorious summer, long may you linger. How can winter possibly compare?

Terry McKenna August 2022